Bill Newton

billBill Newton is a Britain’s most successful film star. However things were not always easy for the boy from Bristol.

Ten years ago he lived in a small flat in the middle of Bristol, with his parents. It was cramped. His flat there was in a noisy area, near the main road. Bill used to have long brown hair. He was quite plump because he loved eating hamburgers, sweets and drinking a lot of coffee. He used to drink three glasses of coffee every day. He used to wear blue jeans. He didn’t have many friends. In his free time he went to a cinema or rock concerts. He used to play football at friday evening.

Now he lives in a large house with a garden in the countryside. There are four bedrooms, a huge kitchen and a spacious bathroom in it. Bill became slim and handsome. He has got short hair, wears expensive suits and rides an elegant red car. Now he likes eating fruit, salads and vegetables. He changed his habbits. He doesn’t drink coffee, nowadays he prefers orange juice. Bill spends his free time going to the parties, nightclubs and theatre.

Bill’s live has changed a lot since those days in Bristol. „I enjoy my success and hope it will continue for many years to come” he says.