My Favourite Festival

halloween zaragoza 2011My favourite festival is Halloween. It’s on 31st October. It represents the beginning of winter. People often have traditional pumpkin soup on this day. This soup is disgusting. Houses are usually decorated with pumpkins. Children make pumpkin lanterns with big eyes, big mouths and really scary big teeth. Then they put candles in them. I like Halloween games because they are very funny and mysterious. Children go out on the street and they usually play 'trick or treat.’ When people say 'treat’ they often give children sweets. But when people say 'trick,’ it means no sweets or money so the children play a trick on them. We sometimes organise fancy dress parties too. We usually dress up as vampires, ghosts, witches and other scary creatures.

I like spending my holidays in the countryside, because I like countryside and I like clean air.

I sped my holidays in the coutry of Ignacpol. There lives my uncle Kazimierz. My uncle is a farmer. His wife Agnieszka takes care of the hause. They have got a son. His name is Bartek. Bartek is eleven. I like my cousin. Together we play football when I come to Ignacpol.

I sometimes help my uncle. I feed hens, dogs and cats. On the uncle’s farm there are horses, cows and pigs. These animals live in barns, stables and pigsties.

I like Bartek’s dog. Bombel is very funny. It’s a small dog with big ears. I like playing with Bombel. Bartek has got a computer. He has got a lot of very good games, for example „GTA Vice City” or „Max Payne 2” I like playing with him.

I like spending my holidays there very much because I like my cousin and I like clean air.