The Lift

liftIt is a very small claustrophobic and cramped box for carrying people up and down. The first thing that strikes you after getting in is that the walls and the ceiling are covered with layers of very old dirt, which brings to your mind gloomy thoughts. After you venture inside and stand face to the door you will see a crate behind which there is the door made of iron, with a small, oblong, vertical pane of glass in the middle of it. Its pale yellowish colour and plenty of patches after some fallen off oil paint, with many scrubs in it place the door among the ones that need to be restorated as quickly as possible.

When you look right, there you will find another interesting object of admiration. The wall. It’s beautiful, however, you must have a lot of imagination to see its beauty. It is made of a kind of gray checked fabric, probably plywood , which used to shine but now it is unpleasantly matt. Somewhere in the middle of its height there exists a small switch-board constructed of a rectangle piece of wood on which there is another similar one, made of iron and decorated with a few yellowish buttons.

At the back you will notice an old mirror, which has definitely passed its best times, looking, with several brown spots, as it was blemished. The left wall is nothing special. Its is much alike the right one but without a switch-board though with a tiny wall grill under the decorated with a bulbless and rusty, glass-cover deprived ceiling-fitting, ceiling. A view which you will not be able to bear for more than a few seconds and, in order to relieve your eyes, you will look down to see another one – the floor. Small, covered with worn-out linoleum of gray colour changing into black here and there, square, unstable plate which gives an impression as it was floating in an invisible tiny pond.