My Uncle’s Farm

farmMy uncle Krzysztof is a farmer. His wife Krystyna takes care of the house and children, Kazik and Kamila. All family lives in the country Kaznodzieje near the city of Korniki.

My uncle has got a big farm near the country Kaznodzieje. In his farm there are a lot of animals. Uncle Krzysztof has got cows, pigs, horses, hens, ducks and geese. Those animals graze on a meadow. They drink water from a quite big pond.

When it is very early, my uncle brings out all animals on a pasture, and in the evening my uncle drives all the animals to barns, stables and hens heds. My uncle feeds and cleans the animals.

I very like spending there my holidays because I like countryside and I like clean air.

My second uncle’s name’s Antek Salabunco. He is an old peasant. His wife’s name is Monika Salabunco. She is a housewife. They have got a daughter whose name is Hisia. She is a student. Their village, of which name I don’t know, is very small. Their farm is on the top of a hill. My uncle breeds very big, very pink and very stinky pigs. They live in a pigsty. Beautiful horses on the other hand live in a stable. I like horses but I don’t like cows which are stupid because they give disgusting milk. Cows live in a cowshed. Turkeys and cocks live in a hen house. My uncle also keeps two sheep.

They live in a barn. Antek doesn’t like pigeons and bees. His dog’s name’s Stinker. He lives in a shed. My uncle’s cat lives in the house. On my uncle’s farm there are furious and crazy animals. My uncle has to milk the cows every day. The pigs eat everything. The horses eat hay and drink water from buckets. The hens, turkeys and cocks eat grain. My uncle always feeds them. I like spending my holidays in the countryside because I like animals, fresh air and because there are beatiful views.